Benefits of having a Veggie Vaggon

A local radio station was giving away tickets to people who had the best story for how they were going to get to Montreal to see Radiohead in concert.

I sent in my application with links to this blog and my youtube videos and I won. Nice.

Oh, furnace is in. I need to make some good videos before I post. It's kinda neat.


Jennifer J said...

That is just a hoot.
I saw a for sale in town: VW sedan "runs on veggie oil!"

Who knew?

twan said...

so did u win the tickets?

... Smells Like Fries said...

Yup - I won the tickets. It was great. In the next few weeks I'll be posting all sorts of photos and a videos from the concert, my heat pump furnace and my car. Sorry for being slow latly.

twan said...

no problem. i was working at a mansion in Toronto a few weeks back and they just installed the same furnace concept you have but the owner went extreme and drilled 18 holes for his furnace!

im a radiohead fan also. i bought their latest album online for 5.5 euro ($12 canadian at the time) and i love the idea they came up with where you get to choose what the album is worth. i think all bands should do that

... Smells Like Fries said...

18 holes!!! The plance must have walls made of stone with no insualtion. Wow. 18...

Radiohead is doing many things against the grain of the music industry, that's for sure. And really - they can't go wrong.

Most record labels will give artists $1 per album sold. So if they get more than that for each album they sell online - they come out ahead. Crazy.

And - since their last 3 albums were all leaked on the internet anyways, this way they leak it and some some money for it. Some reports put that amount at 4.5M Euro!