"The Phoenix has Landed"

My contractor exclaimed to me on the phone in the usual gusto consistent with the stereotype of his cultural background. If you can't politely smile at stuff like that, what good is life?

Geothermal Heat Exchange furnace will be installed Monday/Tuesday next week (2008-06-23/24). In time to break it in a bit over the summer before the winter heating demands arrives.

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Jennifer J said...

Very exciting - progress!

I need the benefit of your expertise.

I have been fooling around with ideas to try and figure out how to put water into the frog pond. I was wondering if you had any bright ideas. It is only really for July and August, mostly July.

Last year I used a solar=powered well pump, http://maguysama.free.fr/prod3303.htm but I think I shouldn't have stored it over the winter in the shed. It is not working.

I was trying to figure out how to hook the solar panel up to something else...then I was thinking about a windmill.

I really only need to pump perhaps 400 L/day. We have lots of wind.