GeoThermal Furnace Video

Here's a YouTube video of my furnace. More to come, busy these days. So sorry.


Jenny Jill, B.A. (ECE), B.Ed., M. Ed. said...

Glad you took the time to post this - you are a busy person! I know some one in the audio background wanted to be a part of it!
How is this different that a water source heat pump?

... Smells Like Fries said...

A water source heat pump (WSHP) pulls in water from a well or a lake into the furnace where it is chilled then dumped back into another well.

I've heard WSHP's can produce more heat since they flow so much mass (water). While our ground source heat pump (GSHP) is really at the mercy of the flow of the water table 100ft below the ground.

Our direct expansion (DX) GSHP does some neet things like alternating which of the 3 100ft lines to use to extract heat in an effort to keep things warm. Very little info online as to how well this works.

We'll see this winter how it does!