Brown gold

Oil's density is about 0.9kg per liter. Making a 20L bucket of waste veggie oil worth about $18 (Diesel is about $1/L) after you account for dregs and cost of processing.

Gold's price is over $740CAD at the time of this posting. 32.15 Troy Ounces per kg.
18L of oil is about 16.2kg. 16.2kg of gold is worth $385,414.20.

Not quite gold - but money in your pocket just the same.

Here's a video intended to show you the ugly side of oil collection.

Things to note:

  1. This is garbage
  2. Don't use the oil that's left outside

    1. Once water gets in and heat from the elements is applied - it starts to grow bacteria and ferment
    2. If there was a dead animal at the bottom of the barrel / dumpster you couldn't tell - it's that bad
    3. Provide your oil supplier with sealed metal buckets and be prompt in oil pickup
  3. Use rubber gloves all the times - life's too short.

Here's the video:

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