A peek in my Garage

There are many great resources online describing how people have setup their oil processing plants. There are very few videos and pictures showing the details of how they process their oil on a daily basis.

Here's the first video of many to come describing how I solicit, collect, filter, dewater, store and use vegetable oil as fuel for my car. Here's a summary

You need 4 locations:
  1. Pre-filter storage - store all the raw used oil before filtering
  2. Filtering - gravity feed is easy, cheap and simple
  3. Dewatering - removal of any water suspended in the oil is crucial for long term storage and the life of your car
  4. Storage - storing the finished product
Things you need handy:
  1. Kitchen gloves - keep your hands clean
  2. Newsprint - cover the ground for easy clean up
  3. Plastic vapour barrier - use when transporting oil in car and under dewatering setup
  4. Toilet paper - handy to clean up small dips and spills; store it in a clean dry yogourt container to keep clean

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