Car Fuel Consuption Charts

Here are some historic charts of our fuel consumption in our cars. My wife is the daughter of an accountant - does it show?

Chart 1: Fuel Prices vs Time
  • Red: Gas CAD per litre
  • Purple: Diesel CAD per litre (post pump price jump)

Chart 2: Cumulative fuel volume purchased
  • Pink: Gas (Ford Taurus)
  • Black: Diesel (Jetta TDI)

Chart 3: Cumulative fuel volume purchased (just diesel)

Notice how fuel consumption per day does up when winter comes - efficiency goes down.
  • Grey boxes: winter months
  • Purple box: road trip from Ottawa to Florida
  • Red box: summer

Chart 4: km per day
  • Blue: Gas (Ford Taurus)
  • Purple: Diesel (Jetta TDI)

Chart 5: km per day (just diesel)

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