Ontario's Darlington generation station offline

Looking at my Ontario Generation Charts, you can see that as of April 19-20 2008 the amount of nuclear power produced in Ontario has reduced, likely seasonally based on 2008 behaviour.

However, as of that date - the entire Darlington generation site is generating zero MW or power on all 4 of it's 1GW generators. This did not happen in 2008.

Very surprising. I can find not mention on www.ieso.ca or on the net for why this happened. Anyone know?


wvo-todd said...

I think Darlington is off line due to a vacuum building outage. Without the vacuum building all units must be off line. I think this happens once every 10 years.

... Smells Like Fries said...

Thanks wvo-todd. I figured it was something uneventful. Shoulder seasons of spring and fall are the bottom of the annual energy demand curve - this is when most of the servicing had taken place in the past.