Drilling today

Well, the contractor from Earth Energy called me last week to arrange a time to start drilling for my furnace. "The phoenix has landed" he announced in his usual colourful exclamation.

And about the same time I got an email from a reader of this blog advising me to stay away from them. I'm not surprised since my experience with the owner was been less than reassuring. When the unit is installed, I'll be asking questions and taking notes. Such a niche furnace - it'll be hard to find good maintenance should this contractor go under.

Your thoughts on what info to ask for is most welcome fellow readers. Here's me list so far.
  1. What's the refrigerant used in the heat exchanger?
  2. How much refrigerant?
  3. At what pressure is the heat exchanger filled to?
  4. Make a list of parts inside the unit (small moving parts will likely be the first to break down)

And yes, there will be photos and videos of the mess they'll be bringing down on our house.

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