Tracking Power Generation in Ontario

An excellent site showing the electrical generation in Ontario is www.ieso.ca

They provide a metric dung load of information on:
  1. %-age generation by type (hydro, nuclear, gas, coal, etc)

  2. Maps showing where all the generating plants are (pdf, page 14)

  3. %-age consuption by consumer group (home, business, industrial)

  4. Seasonal peak consuptions and average demand by city

  5. Historical top-20 peak daysGenerator availability plant-by-plant, day-by-day (2008-04-01)
And the awesomest demonstration of why the internet was invented: Live graphs of today's projected and actual electrical consuption!!!

Interesting things one can gleam from the website:
  1. Ontario burns a lot of coal - 20.6% of total installed capacity - but plans exist to decommishon all coal by 2009
  2. Ontario has been exporting more power than it brings in over the past two years - but there is still tight dependance on US for even distribution
  3. There is a lot of nuclear that never turns off
  4. Winter peak electrical demand is 90% of summer peak demand
All in all, very educational

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Caitlin said...

Can I suggest some changes to your graphs in the left-hand panel? I think bar graphs might be more appropriate for the km/tank and L/100km graphs.

Also the natural gas Net $/m3 graph - I'm not sure what you're trying to show there. Should the y-axis be in cents, not dollars? And why does the cost peak through the summer?