Hydrogenated or non-H Veggie Oil?

I only use non-hydrogenated veggie oil when I filter or in my car. In short, hydrogenated oil is not commonly called veggie oil, but veggie shortening or veggie lard (ie. Crisco).

My pumping hot hydrogen gas under pressure and in the presence of a catalyst - veggie oil will cease being liquid at room temperature. This is what McDonald's and KFC use for cooking. This is also how margarine is made. Still think it's healthy?

So when you collect veggie oil for your car - be sure to ask that it's in fact veggie oil and not veggie shortening. Then ask again - "is it liquid at room temperature?" - some people need that last bit of clarification.


Joe B said...

My PlantDrive based kit says no H-Veggie also. I thought some kits - such as Greasecar could tolerate the H-Veg stuff because of the in-tank heater.

Curious why you didn't choose Plantdrive being a CA based company?

Keep putting out the info

... Smells Like Fries said...

I stick to non-H VO because of filtering limitations. I can't filter something that's jello. I could heat it before filtering, but that's more work than it's worth. And there is so much non-H VO out there.

As for my kit, I narrowed the field down to GreaseCar, Frybrid and PlantDrive. I went with GreaseCar because: the tank would disappear in my trunk wheel well, it was the only one without electrical heaters, and my mechanic was already familiar with that kit having raved about the durability of its construction.

In the end - I added a plantdrive VegTherm and a FPHE. But I still don't regret my choice. I would recomend my modified configuration to anyone.